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As the founder UK Master Coach, with the support of the CEO John Grant, I have introduced YB 12 to the UK. I've had success in recruiting, developing and supporting YB 12 coaches with passion, integrity and honesty. My intuitive ability and understanding of the course principals is used to its fullest in the role as Master Coach. My goal is to grow the business and enabling others the opportunity to be the best in their chosen profession and provide practitioners in personal development a complete package of structured materials and high level of support to enable them to live their passion. My role includes organising the induction training, weekly and monthly meetings, thus enabling new recruits to develop their skills and feel part of the team.

I have extensively used the exploration of self-discovery and spiritual understanding of how life works and has a natural intuitive ability to see how peoples behaviours effect their lives and an understanding of how to overcome these barriers.  Having a desire to introduce the YB 12 program to prisons to overhaul negative behaviours, enabling individuals to take responsibility for their lives and changing the pattern of past practise. This will provide prisoners with the tools to negotiate life more successfully.

I am expanding the YB12 product presents and brand awareness within the UK. My mission is to establish a strategy, empowerment and results within the Corporate Coaching market. To provide support and guidance for all YB12 coaches and aid progress for all, within the YB12 organisation.  To enable the program to be accessable to all those that could benefit. People who go through this program, find positive progression, it changes their lives, they negotiate life better than they have done before, altering major changes in their behaviours, giving them power to move from their reality to their preferred reality.

I am offering to present my 50 minute free presentation to any individual or group who would like to know more. Attendants of the presentation are given tools to shift their thinking, and actions to produce results. If you are a business, individual and wants to tap more of your potential, refocus and be motivated, then this presentation is for you. The name “Zoe” means “Life”!


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