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confidence2love specializes in working with single and divorced women who want to get real love in their life, but struggle to do it.

These women either don’t date (because they don’t feel confident enough to leave their comfort zone or are afraid to repeat negative experiences) or date and continue to attract the wrong man.

Raisa Critchley, owner of confdence2love, created a unique course which helps women become more confident and gives them knowledge and skills that are essential to attract the right man and build a long term loving relationship with him. 

A success story:

‘B’ is 36. She has never being married. As for dating – she had a few boyfriends when she was at University and had experience of two not very happy relationships since. For the last four years before we met ‘B’ has been alone and during this time she hoped that destiny would bring her a man, love and happiness.

The days, months and years were passing by but nothing was happening. ‘B’ realised that she was missing opportunities in life, she was afraid she was getting too old to have children and she felt that her self-esteem was suffering in this situation. What to do? – continue waiting and hoping?  B decided to do something to change her life. The next question she asked herself was: ‘Shall I go to an introduction agency? or ‘Shall I start internet dating?’ She decided that the second option would be better for her (and more comfortable). Very quickly ‘B’ got to know an ‘interesting man’ who seemed to be intelligent and nice. After a month they decided to meet – the result was so disappointing that ‘B’ didn’t even want to talk about it.

Friends advised her not to give up, to go out and meet new people. Great advice but … how can you go out, have a great time and meet the right man when you don’t feel yourself to be attractive, you don’t really understand how to behave and communicate with men, your self- esteem and confidence are low and you are afraid that negative experiences will repeat themselves? 

‘B’ realized that she was not ready for dating and decided that she needed some help - professional help. So she contacted Raisa and they started to work together. It took them 3 months to get the result they wanted – to get ‘B’ ready for dating and starting to build a loving relationship. Now ‘B’ is going out with a man she likes and it makes her very happy.

But not only this – the training she had helped her improve other aspects of her life: people (including her colleagues, clients, boss, relatives, etc) started to treat her with more respect, she feels more relaxed and enjoys more social and business events, she has started to do things which she never dared do before. In summary her life is more interesting and fulfilling.


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