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As well as being a certified Coach and Hypnotherapist, I am a wife and mother of two grown up children who now live in the USA.  I moved from the USA many years ago and love living in the UK. 

It was a huge step for me to set up my own business, which has now been running for 4 years.  I came from a corporate background where I worked as  Project Manager.  Although I had thrived in my job for many years, there came a time when I wanted and needed to do something different.  My company had paid for my training as an NLP Master Practitioner and I enjoyed it so much that I sponsored myself to train as a Coach. 

The day finally came that I made the decision to jump into my new career (after a lot of exploration with a coach of my own) and I resigned from my corporate job.  It was a scary but exciting day.   I'm so glad I did it because I feel so much happier, healthier and fulfilled than I did before.

I love working with my clients.  No two days are the same.  And when someone says to me "You helped me turn my life around", it feels wonderful to have helped them through coaching. 



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