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I’m a business coach and an advocate for women.  I love to empower women, and one of the ways I do this is through enterprise.  I've set up my business The SMART Marketer's Academy to help women remove some of the major obstacles to their entrepreneurial success and future prosperity.

I work with Professional women who are ready to step up to the challenge and do what it takes to build a profitable business and master how to market their business.

I worked as IT consultant in the City, in London, from 1996 before I made the career change to becoming a Small Business consultant and coach in 2003. 

Not too long ago, I took on a contract to work as a coach, mentor and lecturer on the Peter Jones Enterprise Academy, a prestigious college for helping emerging entrepreneurs, in the UK, gain the confidence, mind set and skills required to realise their aspirations and achieve their dreams as entrepreneurs.(Peter Jones is one of the dragons on Dragon's Den, a British reality TV show where entrepreneurs pitch their ideas to millionaires willing to invest their own money)

And more recently, as one who is exposed on a daily basis to issues affecting women, I decided to focus on helping Women Entrepreneurs achieve better results in Business. 


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