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Hello! My name is Claire and I like to bake. If there were ever to be a ‘Bakers’ Anonymous’ I suspect that might be my opening line! I’ve been baking forever. My earliest memories are of me at school, when I was 5 and we made rock cakes. I have no idea how they turned out. I don’t even remember the lesson, so whether I stirred or just clapped (or ate the dough, which is also likely!), I just remember we made these little beautiful cakes and I’ve been baking ever since. I took some time off when I was at university and when I bought my first home, then I rediscovered my love and the rest, as they say, is history. I’m happiest in my kitchen, creating something beautiful and technical, or simply making a rock cake.

I try and use the best ingredients I have at my disposal – so they’re fresh, local, seasonal, organic and Fairtrade. I try not to overcomplicate things and I just have fun. That, after all, is what baking is all about.




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