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Being part of Enterprising Women feels very natural. Being a practical business woman, I understand the value of good business relationships and being part of a community of like-minded people can be immensely powerful.

In my 30 year business career I found my calling in sales early on and have held the gamut of sales roles from part-time sales and party planning in the early ‘young family’ years, through to field sales and senior account management with a major international waste management company, Rentokil Initial. I realised that I not only liked sales and sales management, but I was good at it too.

At Rentokil in their medical and healthcare divisions for 17 years, I was able to turn low value accounts into high value contracts because my approach is practical, transparent and performance led. The changing face of waste management in response to landfill laws and the mitigation of environmental impacts awoke a ‘green’ conscience within me and I knew that I wanted to do business for the ‘green and the good’.

In 2006, I founded Greener Options Ltd, a waste management enterprise based in Worcestershire specialising in the management of clinical, hygiene and washroom wastes. We passionately believe that recycling is not only resource efficient but critical to modern business and we embrace technologies that recycle or treat wastes for energy recovery. We also support numerous charities within the local community and worldwide. Often support comes in the form of re-directing our clients’ unwanted but viable products to those in need overseas. Our clients love our ‘alternative’ waste management approach; for no extra charge they get the ‘feel good’ of ‘doing good’.

In a nutshell, my approach to business is refreshingly uncomplicated; my ethos is to do the things I know customers like and omit what they don’t. But it's important to stay current and curious. I am not only focused on profit but also on giving something back.


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