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Chartered Accountant
Professional & business serv.

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I have always wanted my own business which is why I studied a degree in management science at university and became a Chartered Accountant.

In 2007 I got married, closely followed by a beautiful baby boy in 2008 and a beautiful baby girl in 2009.

After two lots of maternity leave I went back to work in 2011 part-time with a new passion for work.

I was approached by a firm of accountants who offered me my dream job only for the firm to go into liquidation within a month.

I realised that I wouldn't be able to get another part- time job easily doing what I do as all job possibilities were full time and realised that this was the perfect time to set up on my own and do what I really wanted despite it being a very daunting experience.

I really love what I do, enjoy meeting all the different people and love to think I can help people succeed in their business ventures.

In my spare time...hmmm spare time, as any mother will know with two young children there is very little of that but when I am not working I am usually on bouncy castles, going to the beach in any weather and also love to do gardening and growing our own veggies.


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