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Beth's health has been the inspiration for her own dedication to being the best she can be physically.

She said: 'I wasn't a sporty type at school but I was blessed to have parents who encouraged me to try different sports, play, have fun and be outside for much of my childhood, and this carried on through my school years.

Going away to university caused the seemingly inevitable rise in weight, and with it my attempts to keep it down using dietary control, an often futile struggle.

Thankfully by my third year I had a boyfriend who was a keen runner, and he inspired me to take up endurance sports (running, triathlon, cycling) which have been a mainstay of my life ever since.

None of this sounds particularly unusual until I mention that I am a congenital heart patient (born with heart defects), and have had a number of open-heart surgeries to keep me 'ticking' over the years.

I could use this as an excuse to not exercise, but actually see it as an even more important reason for working hard to maintain the quality of life which I now enjoy.

My own struggles lead me to have a special empathy with those who are facing their own challenges or struggling to incorporate fitness into their lives and I gain a special satisfaction from witnessing the positive changes which even a small amount of exercise can make in somebody's life.

I like to think that life is enhanced by seeing what we can achieve, instead of dwelling on what we can't.'

Beth has a wealth of qualifications that can be seen at her website but prefers to focus on working with her clients towards building a sustainable and life-enhancing fitness programme to help them to reach their goal no matter how big or small.


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