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Posted by Anonymous (not verified) on October 03, 2014
Enterprising Women Growth Programme

The Growth Programme is CLOSED, please keep an eye on the website for courses coming in 2015

This is the only programme in the UK to focus exclusively on the issues faced by women-owned businesses – as well as the barriers to growth that confront all SMEs – the Enterprising Women Growth Programme equips ambitious female entrepreneurs with the confidence, expertise and skills to realise their business’ full commercial potential.

Thanks to a partnership between Enterprising Women and Santander UK, the Enterprising Women Growth Programme has been delivered to over 700 entrepreneurs throughout the UK - helping you to develop more effective teams… refine their marketing and communications… create profitable business alliances…. expand into new markets… and ramp their annual turnovers by up to 250%.

The Programme includes:

  • An intensive and highly practical series of interactive strategic workshops
  • A focus on critical growth challenges, solutions and action plans that work in the real world
  • An opportunity to work with inspiring business people
  • Support and sharing with a group of like-minded peers
  • Access to 1:1 mentoring support in between sessions

Dates of Programmes

Below are the dates for our upcoming Growth Programme 2014 - 

London Growth Programme

  • Day One - 29th October
  • Day Two - 11th November
  • Day Three - 25th November
  • Day Four - 5th December

Nottingham Growth Programme

  • Day One - 6th November
  • Day Two - 21st November
  • Day Three - 3rd December
  • Day Four - 11th December

Glasgow Growth Programme

  • Day One - 15th January
  • Day Two - 29th January
  • Day Three - 12th February
  • Day Four - 26th February

How to apply

You don’t need to a Santander customer or an Enterprising Women member to apply for the Growth Programme, but you must be women-owned business with a turnover or projected turnover in excess of £500,000 in the coming year.

Learn more about the Growth Programme and apply

The Growth Programme is CLOSED, please keep an eye on the website for courses coming in 2015


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