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After completing her education Tatjana Hine joined the Royal Air Force including service overseas in Cyprus. In addition to her normal Supply and Accounting Branch duties she acted as interpreter for United Nations Forces, being fluent in English, German and Russian. She resigned on marriage and later returned to work in accountancy. Working at Goodwood House, in Sussex, she looked after the accounts for three companies on behalf of the Duke of Richmond. There followed a few years of working as an accountant, in London before moving to Buckinghamshire as a Company Secretary and Accountant. She successfully turned the company from loss to profit and introduced a European element to their business. In 1987 she moved to Glasgow as Financial Director, Accountant and major shareholder of a Graphic design company.

In 1994 she set up her own Corporate Graphic Design business, TBDA (Scotland) Ltd. This business has clients in Scotland, London, Wales and Europe. Her business philosophy is to encourage staff development. This has enabled TBDA to gain 'Investor in People' status. Her experience in business management and accountancy makes her the ideal link between customers and clients. Since moving to Scotland she has made many business and trade mission visits throughout Europe. Many of these were in her capacity as President of Central Scotland Chamber of Commerce. She is an elected Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts. Her social interests are Ballet, Opera, Literature and gardening.

She became a member of The British Association of Women Entrepreneurs (BAWE) in 1995 and was made a Fellow and Vice President in 1997 and elected British National President in 2004,serving until 2010. Currently she serves on the Parent Association Les Femmes Chefs Entreprises Mondial ( FCEM )European Task Force. In October 2006 she was elected World Vice President. Elected in 2009 to serve on the Advisory Group of the 'Women's National Commission', Europe and the Commonwealth as an invited speaker she regularly speaks at events across Great Britain and across the World, more recently Turkey, Malta and Norway, the USA, Australia and Canada. She believes strongly in the quality and integrity of women in business and the need for a collective strategy both Nationally and Internationally for BAWE.

Tatjana has been awarded an OBE for services to business.

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