Samantha Acton

Samantha Acton started Domestic Angels a domestic cleaning and home help service, in her home at Southbourne, Bournemouth in 2002. She originally created the business to fulfil the need for happiness in all areas of her life and for work not to be the dominant time consumer. She is passionate that her employees – ‘the angels’– also share this privilege.

The success of the business outstripped Samantha’s expectations. She took the title for home based business at the Venus National Awards for women in business in 2013–2014 after winning the local award. The confidence boost from that success encouraged her to expand the business and more recently turn it into a franchising opportunity as well as partnering a local charity which helps those with mental health problems and learning disabilities become independent.

Franchising her business means she can share the opportunity with other budding business owners to generate profit and happiness in equal balance as a franchisee. Samantha has ensured a winning formula that hits an excellent work/life balance, providing sufficient flexibility and income to do ‘life’ yet enough challenges to grow franchisees as business owners.

Samantha involves herself in the local and national business community in a variety of ways and believes in sharing her expertise as an entrepreneur and to maximize empowerment of people and particularly women in the workplace. A direct result of this work led to Domestic Angels being invited to take the role of Partner to Parliament Week in Bournemouth and which has grown year on year since 2013. It brings 60+ students into the Town Hall to practice and nurture their debating skills with the support of local, national and European politicians with the aim of empowering the next generation which directly reflects the Domestic Angels ethos of counteracting apathy and disenfranchisement. She is consistent in her purpose to empower women in the workplace, offering opportunities for women from all walks of life and therefore improving conditions in their families and communities, and therefore truly deserves to be Enterprising Women’s Women of the Week!


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