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After selling Prontaprint seven years ago we were repeatedly asked to work with small to medium sized businesses, social enterprises and charities to help them communicate more effectively, improve their organisational culture and become financially viable without losing their souls or their sense of humour. To enhance our services, Nancy qualified as a small business coach,a personal professional coach and became accredited as a civil and commercial mediator. We use positive psychology principles in our coaching, focusing on your strengths and enabling you to be your best.
Nancy specialises in helping people introduce and implement change, developing them to be more effective and to be more fulfilled and productive. She enables people to communicate well in high stakes and changing situations and gives them the tools to have conversations, not confrontations.
Nancy has years of experience in helping individuals and organisations to avoid confrontations, and in calming and resolving highly emotional conflicts. She is particularly successful in rebuilding trust and relationships, moving people from a defensive resistant state to feeling safe and accepting change. She has recently become accredited as an International Online Mediator, making mediation more affordable and accessible.
Nancy works to make herself redundant by giving others the skills and tools to effectively manage their lives and businesses. As well as mediation and coaching, she offers post-mediation coaching, mentoring and a range of workshops such as "Turning Bad Luck into Good", "Conversations not Confrontations", “How to Discuss Difficult Issues” and "Setting and Maintaining Standards without Conflict”.  She provides on-line coaching, webinars and mediation internationally through Zoom, Skype, phone and email. Personal coaching, speaking, mediation and workshops are mainly in the NorthEast of England and Edinburgh area, but Nancy is happy to consider all options.




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