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Image of EW founder, Bev Hurley, talking with a member

Being in business can often be very lonely, and it is great to see a friendly face and a real-life story to help bolster energy levels and optimism. That's why we encourage all of our members to become our Woman of the Week at some point throughout their journey with us. So come on, don't be shy!!

Being Woman of the Week is not only a great promotional tool for you and your business, but it also offers a ‘real’ story to other members who may relate to you or your business. It's always good to know other people are out there who have been on the same journey as you. And there's nothing like reading about someone's success to make you think "I can do that too" and spur you on a little bit more!  

If you would like to become our ‘Woman of the Week’, simply make sure your profile is complete with a couple of nice pictures of yourself and drop an email to Bev. We'll do the rest for you and email you when your profile is up. Of course, if you would like to featured in a specific week to coincide with an event or special offer you are running, we will do our best to accommodate (although this can’t always be guaranteed).


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