Editing your Business Profile

Once you have completed your personal profile, you can start creating your business profile.

Business Profile

If you have more than one business and want to promote both, members can now create 2 business profiles without having to create a separate account.

How do I do it?

There are 2 steps in setting up a Business Profile –

Step 1 – Company Details

This will be shown on your Business profile and the Directory. Fill in your company details such as the address, email, contact number and website.

Under “company profile”, it is recommended that you provide an overview of your business, the services/products you provide and any other information about your business that you think would encourage viewers to contact you.

 Company Details

The words you use in your profile will be included in our Search function so try to be precise about who you are. If you are cleaning company whose unique quality is that you only use environmentally friendly products, make sure you mention it.

You can include your company’s Facebook and Twitter links as well.

Step 2 – Information for EW Administration

This is information that will not be visible to viewers; this is strictly for the EW administration.

 Private Information


Enterprising Women
Upper Office
Hems Mews
86 Longbrook Street
Exeter EX4 6AP


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