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Enterprising Women now have a blog visible to anyone who visits the site, so it can really help to grow your business. Whether that’s by offering advice, linking to more information on your own website or just letting people know what’s been going on. It’s a fantastic platform just to get yourself heard, and it open to all our Full Members.

How do I do it?

Simply log into the website and head to the section marked “My Account”, and click on the button marked “Add Blog Post”.

Add Blog Post

Follow the instructions and they include allowing you to add one main image, this will be used on the main Blog page and can really enhance a Blog post and encourage people to read more.

Add a picture to your blog post

You can also add more images within the main blog post. If you have full membership of Enterprising Women you are welcome to use an image from our image library for use on our website.

Add an Excerpt

Don’t forget to add to an “Excerpt”. This is a summary of your blog post, usually a short sentence and will also encourage people to click to read more.

Terms and Conditions

You will be asked to accept our Terms and Conditions, as we want our Blog posts to be positive experiences for anyone who visits the site, and trolling is definitely out!


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