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Company Profile: 


We focus on performance management systems.

We develop leadership skills and promote excellent communication channels within your organisation.

Who Is Othella ®

We are training and Development Company, a UK Registered Learning Provider and a Recognised ILM Provider. We have a blended portfolio and a national reach.


What we do

We integrate communications strategies in your business looking at your most valuable asset you have Your Human Capital.  We use Cultural Intelligence, cultural quotient or “CQ,” models.  A positive climate can improve an organization's bottom line by up to 30 percent, many researchers have shown that improving climates can increase the performance of  leaders by 70 percent  Are you determined by leadership mind-set? Then our CQ programmes can help you THRIVE


What is CQ?

Cultural Intelligence, cultural quotient or “CQ,” is a term used in business, education, government and academic research. Cultural intelligence can be understood as the capability to relate and work effectively across cultures. Cultural intelligence is a skill you can develop and through focussed training.


Are You Connecting & Collaborating? 

Communication is vital for all organisations. Globalisation has made cultural intelligence is an asset to your business.

How we do it

We deliver endorsed and bespoke programmes that focus on developing leaders, connecting and collaboration. We look at how your organisation is developing “CQ” Cultural Intelligence

What makes us different?

Our step by step training and coaching can help your business reach its full potential. We give practical guidance that has a real impact on your business. Our programmes assist leaders to become connectors and build collaboration within an organisation, giving practical guidance that has a real impact on your business. We develop your leaders to become connectors and build collaboration within your organisation


Our Blended Approach

Endorsed Institute of Leadership and Management Programme

Language for Leadership ™

• Introduction to Intercultural Communications Strategies
• Developing Inter-team Communication Strategies
• Managing With Awareness, Developing Services That Promote Equality
• Building Tools to Improve Customer Service within Global Markets 

Our Master Classes Cross Talk ™

Show an organisation how to drive the culture change and thrive in their chosen market.

Online Learning  

Includes innovative tools to support the organisation how to understand their own values and that of their team.

We help you

• Understand how people from other cultures think and behave
• Build a more productive workforce
• Increase staff retention
• Excel in service delivery 
• Increase sales

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