Westminster Employment Forum

The conference will examine further steps for public policy and best practice in business other organisations to maximise women’s contribution to the economy and to further improve gender equality in the workplace and public life.

Global Entrepreneurship Week 2014

Global Entrepreneurship Week is celebrated in 125 countries—ranging in size from China to Monaco and this year will be no different.

Mark your calendars for the 17th - 23rd November 2014 because Enterprising Women are getting involved and we want you to be part of it. We have got plenty in store, from networking events across the UK to digital marketing workshops - there is something for every enterprising woman.

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First Women Summit

We are happy to announce that we are partnering with the First Women Summit, a new and exciting project started by Real Business. This inaugural, full day summit will leverage ten years of the First Women movement, drawing on the phenomenal network of pioneering women the First Women Awards has created to educate, mentor and inspire.

Bev Hurley CBE

The Centre will act as a platform for research and engagement with social innovators, academia and policy in UK and across the world, and its primary focus will be to understand, promote, and engage with social innovators and create and support social ventures and projects.

Woman Isolated

Entrepreneurial Spark carried out a report to mark the beginning of Accelerate Your Business Week.

George Osborne will announce today that record numbers of women are now in the British workforce following an increase of nearly 800,000 over the last four years.
There are now 14.4m women in the workforce, a rise of 368,000 over the last year and 771,000 since 2010.
WEConnect International Europe

The WEConnect International Europe conference is just over three away – don’t miss out – buy your ticket today! This is WEConnect International’s flagship event of the year and one of the best opportunities to meet and network with representatives from their corporate members and with other women-owned businesses in the WEConnect International network.

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Angel Investor

Angel investors are predominantly male. But there has been a shift over the past decade. There are more and more female angel investors joining the ranks. And that could mean more opportunities for your business too.

Angel investor, Marianne Hudson explains in a post she wrote for Forbes:

Enterprising Women Growth Programme

The Growth Programme is CLOSED, please keep an eye on the website for courses coming in 2015

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Young Girls

Most women no longer have to choose between having a family and pursuing a career, but care needs to be taken when promoting the idea of ‘having it all’ to schoolgirls, says the head of the Girls’ Day School Trust (GDST).



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