In your life’s journey, are you the passenger, or the pilot? You wake up in the morning, drink coffee, go to work, have lunch, go to the gym, eat dinner, go to sleep, and repeat. But are you truly engaged in these activities? Do you feel wholeness and meaningfulness, as if you are living with intention and purpose?

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The very first thing I ever won in business was some free coaching. I was terrified.  Six sessions to be delivered by A Very Impressive Person, with half a ton of letters after their name, coming into my business and inevitably exposing that any success I had ever had was all an error, or, at best, just outrageous good luck. It was years afterwards that I read about Imposter Syndrome and realised that my shaking terrors had been a...

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Social media is one of the most powerful tools in your marketing arsenal. It can enable strong personal connections with your prospective customers, when done correctly. 

To get it right, it is critical that it is underpinned by a clear strategy and plan. They need to answer the questions of what you are trying to achieve, who your customers are and what your competition are doing.

When I started out in business, I absolutely loathed selling in person.  I was horribly self-conscious, socially awkward and agonized badly on the odd time I scraped up the money to go out to sell.

Last year, Equal Pay Day marked a gradual decrease in the gap in salaries between full-time employed men and women, 0.2% since 2015. Instant Offices delves into what the legal implications and desired outcomes of addressing the gender pay gap are.

We would like to say a huge congratulations to Elena Salsi founder of Up2GO, who was named the winner of the recent WeHubs Ideas Competition.

The team at WeHubs, European network supporting women in web enterprises, were thrilled with the number of participants that entered their Ideas Competition, all with inspiring ideas. The Ideas Competition by WeHubs, showcases female creativity in software design and web services, aiming to attract, promote and reward the best apps or software developed by women all around Europe. 

Despite the Brexit doom and gloom, rising inflation and the recent hit to the Pound, there was good news from the ONS on Wednesday as they announced unemployment had only seen a very small increase on the previous quarter, indicating continuing confidence in the economy; good news for employees and employers! 

This WeHubs webinars aim to encourage mutual learning among European organisations supporting female web entrepreneurs. The sessions are free of charge and open to any participant interested in learning how to better support female entrepreneurs as part of its regular business practises or willing to set up dedicated support schemes.

Ethnic minority businesses are estimated to contribute £25-£32 billion to the UK economy per year, and women-led enterprises contribute around £70 billion. However, ethnic minorities and women are seen to be under-represented as entrepreneurs, and to have lower levels of business performance. 



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