Destination Digital
Enterprising Women will be delivering training and networking events as part of the Destination Digital Women Programme to encourage women to start or grow their business, return to employment or work from home.
Angel Investor

Angel investors are predominantly male. But there has been a shift over the past decade. There are more and more female angel investors joining the ranks. And that could mean more opportunities for your business too.

Angel investor, Marianne Hudson explains in a post she wrote for Forbes:

Young Girls

Most women no longer have to choose between having a family and pursuing a career, but care needs to be taken when promoting the idea of ‘having it all’ to schoolgirls, says the head of the Girls’ Day School Trust (GDST).

Enterprising Women Growth Programme

This is the only programme in the UK to focus exclusively on the issues faced by women-owned businesses – as well as the barriers to growth that confront all SMEs – the Enterprising Women Growth Programme equips ambitious female entrepreneurs with the confidence, expertise and skills to realise their business’ full commercial potential.

Suzy Lowe

Suzy will connect with Enterprising Women members in Cornwall through monthly meetings and regular events. She will also work with our sister company Getset. Suzy joins us with lots of experience from the commercial sector as well as running her own successful business.

Calling all inventors

Are you exceptionally creative, inventive or innovative? Or do you know a woman that is? Top creative women will be celebrated at the upcoming 12th British Female Inventors and Innovators Exhibition & Awards Ceremony in London and you are invited to participate.

Cambridge Business Club Anniversary

The Cambridge Business Club celebrated its first anniversary since its successful launch in September last year. The Mayor, Councillor Gerri Bird and her consort were among those who attended the event.

GEW 2014

It is a global event designed to inspire people everywhere through local, national and global activities to explore your potential as a self-starter and innovator. This year there will also be a day dedicated to Women’s Entrepreneurship! Find out how you could get involved and be part of this global event.

Build your supply chain

The WEConnect International Annual Conference 2014 is a corporate-led non-profit who’s goal is to connect women owned businesses into the corporate supply chain. The event will be taking place on the 12th November and involves keynote speaker, Lara Morgan, Founder and Ex.

Sex and Power: Who Runs Britain?

The Counting Women In coalition has today published Sex and Power 2014: Who Runs Britain? The report examines the presence, or lack thereof, of women in powerful positions in politics and other spheres of public life in the UK today.


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