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Sophie Earnshaw

At the Inclusive Prosperity Conference earlier this month, Ed Miliband firmly voiced his support for business adding that ‘dynamic entrepreneurship is key to our future success.’

In today’s generation both women and men work, yet people still view them differently.

A higher number of self employed women seem to work within bakery, childcare, beauty or hairdressing, whilst self-employed men tend to lean towards careers involving the traditional trades, gardening, painting and decorating.  However if a man and woman are in the same job in the same industry, do they get paid them same?

On Monday 14th July, the Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills, Vince Cable hosted a ceremony at Westminster Conference Centre, to celebrate the creation of over 3,000 UK businesses with the support of the Enterprising Women’s sister organisation Outset.

Bev Hurley

The International Alliance for Women (TIAW) is a global organization dedicated to the economic empowerment and advancement of women all over the globe.

This fantastic event will be taking place the Birmingham's Millennium Point and Birmingham City University.

IB Live! 2014 is like the 'Glastonbury for small business' – an educational celebration of the best business practice, providing  insights into the ways to grow your business and be more cost efficient.

Starting and running your own business demonstrates drive, dedication, and commitment. The award celebrate this enthusiasm and commitment to business in Britain, which is why Lloyds have created the 2014 Enterprise Awards – to reward the best student and graduate entrepreneurial talent.

The Enterprise Awards is in its third year and is offering substantial prizes including:

The fourth National Annual Awards, in association with Ideal Weight, celebrate the individuals and organisations across the UK who are providing outstanding activities, classes, services and events for adults.

If you or your company have ever had to work with a tough client, you can understand what a nightmare it can be. More often than not, clients have unrealistic expectations or offer almost zero insight as to what they want - making them not so exciting to work with.

The issue is, some clients just make unreasonable demands and they end up frustrating your entire staff.

Join us on Thursday 24th July in Liverpool for an inspiring and exciting conference with motivational speakers, dynamic workshops, a panel session and the opportunity to network and promote your business.


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