More to Life Than Shoes
Nadia Finer

One word sums up Nadia Finer, co-founder of online support networking and female communicative group There's More to Life Than Shoes ideas.

She is a self-confessed ideas person and loves the buzz that comes from developing an idea into something tangible and useful, as demonstrates.

Growing up surrounded by strong women, Nadia has always benefited from self-belief and a confidence that she could achieve anything. Hugely appreciative of the positive impact this has had on her life, she has made it her personal mission to provide an area for other women to get support, inspiration, advice and encouragement from other women who have achieved it in both their professional and personal lives.

Nadia's positivity is both infectious and heart-warming, as she genuinely wants to help women who want to fulfil their potential; for her There's More to Life than Shoes is a way of life as well as her business. In the next five years Nadia wants There's More to Life Than Shoes to become a national and potentially international destination for women who crave a new direction or impetus in their lives.

Nadia's latest challenge balancing looking after baby Jacob, aged 3 years with running the business. She is attempting to make her own dream happen - being a great mum and running a successful business.

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