Enterprising Women is a vibrant and dynamic community dedicated to growing you and your business!

We want you to make the most of our community and in this section of the website we detail all the different opportunities on offer.

There are two levels of Membership:

  • Full Membership
  • Associate Membership

Members List

Here we have a list of all our members so by using this list you are able to search for other Enterprising Women members. You can filter the results based on business sector or simply type in the name of the person you are searching for.

Full Member's have our logo displayed in their "Business Card". You can also click on their name and follow a link to their personal profile page to find out more about them.

Edit your Personal Profile

Read our guide with helpful tips on how to complete your Personal Profile.

Business Directory

Looking for a service or product? Why not take a look at our Business Directory, which features all our Full Members businesses, with a link to their Business Profile page. Each member has the opportunity to include two businesses within the Business Directory.

Edit your Business Profile

Read our guide of helpful tips on how to complete your Business Profile.

Business Club

Members who attend Business Club events frequently will become members of that Club. You can also post Group articles that will feature on your Club page and are private to the Club.

Woman of the Week

Interested in becoming our Woman of the Week? Simply get in touch to nominate yourself or another fellow female entrepreneur. It is open to all Full Members.


Enterprising Women has a Blog section that is visible to anyone who visits the site, so it can really help you grow your business. Whether you want to share advice, explain and link to more information on your own website or simply updating your fellow members, it’s a fantastic platform to make yourself heard.

Read our guide with helpful tips on how to add a Blog post.


You can now view all upcoming events on a monthly calendar, perfect if you want to see what other Clubs are having their monthly meetings that you would like to attend.

How do I do it?

Under Next Events, click on Calendar of events and this will take you to the current month of all events taking place.


We love hearing what our members think. Take part in our online polls, express your opinions and see what everyone else thinks – it may just surprise you.


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