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Louise McGloughlin

Louise McGloughlin is an accredited Life Coach who coaches men and women going through transition in their lives.

She is also a Partner in ‘CHANGES FOREVER’

Changes Forever is a supportive membership community of men and women, enabling people to flourish in their lives despite any change or challenge - no matter how big or small, by design or circumstance - thus enabling them to be the best they can be in their world, and having fun along the way! Louise is passionate about helping everyone to see that they inspire others even if they don't think or feel they are inspirational themselves! She says, "Changes Forever is the friend that is always there to support its members, in person at our magical inspirational events or virtually through our website and social media".

In her Transition and Holistic Coaching she delivers Individual Client Coaching/ Bespoke packages/ Workshops and Group Coaching/ Inspirational days and Speaking

Her prior roles include:

Regional H&S Advisor for Next plc, Scotland/Ireland Region

H&S Auditor, Risk Assessor and ‘trouble shooter’ for approx 100+ branches. Designed, piloted, evaluated and implemented Corrective Safety Coaching throughout Next Plc.

Yacht Master (Royal Yachting Association) and Flotilla Mate, Australia and Croatia

In 2001, Louise took a career break, became a UK Qualified Yacht Master, competed in Class 2 Ocean Yacht Racing before joining a ‘Lead Crew’ who delivered 15 yachts from Greece to Dubrovnik where they designed, set up and facilitated a successful new flotilla route for Neilson Activity Holidays.

Food Safety Advisor, Ireland, Sainsbury’s’ Supermarkets

Food Safety Auditor, Trainer and Facilitator for all Irish Stores. Prior to that she was a Training Section Manager, involved with many Store openings in Scotland before joining the District Team which launched Sainsbury’s into Northern Ireland and was Involved in testing Company systems during a transfer of undertakings.

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