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Posted by Anonymous (not verified) on August 07, 2015
The long sleepy summer2

The long sleepy summer

Some of us love these long lazy summer days, but for the workaholics amongst us, slowing down isn’t an option. However, sometimes there is no choice but to move down a gear when no one is at the end of the phone or email when you contact them anyway. Here are some tips you can use to fill the summer months and hit the ground running in September.

1. Blog and Social media content.

Why don’t you take some time to line up some content for your channels. Have a bank of articles you can use when things become busy and you haven’t the time to write as much (or well as you wish).

2. Update your website.

I bet this is one you keep putting off. Use these weeks to look and refine your website. It will be worth it! It needn’t be a huge overhaul – new colours, pictures, heading may be all it needs….

3. Training

Now’s the time to take a course – you don’t need to go far - look on the web and see what you can find. Brush up on those book keeping skills or whatever it is you keep brushing to the back of your mind.

4. Strategise

How’s the 5, 2 or 1 year plan? Do you know what you are doing up until Christmas? Find a quiet spot and put your creative head on and action and document what’s been swimming around in your head from months

 5. Its all about the base…..

Yes really, purge your database! Clean up, segment, rename, reconnect. Are there people you need to archive or even delete? These are the jobs you put off when you are in full action. Enter September with a spring-cleaned system!



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