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Cambridge Business Club

The Cambridge Business Club aims to be an informal, friendly and supportive way to expand your business, your business knowledge and your support network. Host Liz Lyon believes talking to women who have done/are doing what you’re trying to do is very informative, invigorating and reassuring!

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Fareham Business Club

Do you have a business in Fareham? Are you looking for ways to build strong local networks and support to build your business?

Businesswomen of Fareham are warmly invited by Eileen Quick, your host and a staunch advocate of networking and bringing like-minded individuals together to share challenges and successes.

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Glasgow Business Club

Lesley MalcolmThe Glasgow club is delighted to be part of Enterprising Women. We meet in the Hilton Garden Hotel on the third Thursday of the month. We'd love you to join us!

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Manchester Business Club

Are you looking to build your contacts and share your experiences with a network of like minded business women? Then Manchester Business Club is for you.

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Skipton Business Club

Emma PentelowHost Emma Pentelow is a busy working mum of two young girls, and Director of The Pentelow Practice.  She's delighted to be part of Enterprising Women and keen to build a great network for other women business owners in the Skipton area, at a time in the day to allow you to attend outside of childcare hours.

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