In addition to all the profile raising activities on offer for our paid-up members, we’re working hard to negotiate some really good deals, so watch this space.  And even better, tell us exactly where you’d like to save £££ in your business or personal purse!  These opportunities are only for Enterprising Women members.

Raise your business profile on the government's Great Business website

Would you like to have the opportunity for your business to feature on the Great Business initiative the Prime Minister has just launched?  You could be sharing the limelight with Doug Richard, James Caan, Bev Hurley, Enterprising Women’s Founder and many more inspirational small businesses, on film, or as a case study for example. 

The curator of the Great Business website has asked Enterprising Women to work with them to ensure there's great content - that could be you! You need to be an established and growing SME, taking on new people or apprentices, or exporting, or making good use of a government support service. With a major government campaign behind this brand, the traffic to the website will be massive.  So although we can't guarantee you a slot, seize the day now and email us with a one para summary of why you're good news!

Local Business Club Host

Become a HostAre you a dynamic women who shares our ethos, and has a passion for connecting, collaborating and building your business through developing a strong, trusted network of relationships in and across your community? Then why not apply to take up the chance of being one of our Business Club Hosts!

As a thank you in return we give you a free membership for as long as you are a Host and we’ll give you lots of support to launch your new club.

Monthly meetings are a small oasis of calm to talk and learn with other like-minded businesswomen.  They’re not for ‘ladies that lunch’ or ‘hard sales’ environments, but professional, hard-working women sharing experiences with their peers. Take a look at our host brochure and if you think this could be for you, get in touch for a chat.

Paid-for Mentoring

We’re looking for members who are interested in mentoring women planning to start-up, helping them develop their idea to the stage of a completed business plan.  Experienced mentors are preferred, but if you’d like to start mentoring and develop your skills, we’ll also be offering mentor training.

The time commitment is expected to be in the range of 4-6 hours per client, delivered face to face with your preferred radius.  Please simply express your interest here, and as soon as we have further details, we’ll be back in touch with you. 


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