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Jackie Le Fevre

Jackie Le Fèvre has been lucky enough to do lots of different things in her life so far……

…………being a Saturday girl in Littlewoods…..stints as a bar maid …..postwoman…. then a memorable summer as a village wench film extra on the remake of “The Wicked Lady” with Faye Dunaway and Alan Bates directed by Michael Winner.

After university it was a spell in a zoo with Patagonian Sea Lions, Wallabies, Capuchins and Binturongs to mention but a few, before heading to the tropics. Two years in a West African jungle working to reintroduce Chimpanzees to the wild was followed by an overland journey home including hitching a lift across the Sahara.

Back in the UK, Jackie spent twelve years in nature conservation in various places ending up at Martin Mere responsible for the education and visitor programmes that introduced thousands of people of all ages to the amazing ducks, geese, swans and flamingos cared for by The Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust.

In 1998 she joined Sefton Council for Voluntary Service to develop programmes to support young people in to work. Together with her team she won a bunch of awards for innovation and communications and her role expanded to encompass community development and training services.

In 2004 Jackie branched out independently and now runs her own company – Magma Effect – and was responsible for bringing one of the world’s leading values profiling technologies to the UK in 2007.

Jackie’s first book “Braver Than You Think…..female perspectives on courage” was published in August 2009 and her unusual profiling tool, the Braveometer™ is providing some interesting insights into the differences between the level of fear felt by men and women about different aspects of everyday life.

People who have worked with Jackie describe her like this “Jackie’s strengths are more than just her experience, she is one of those special people who really does care about what she does, operates with utmost integrity and practices what she preaches.” “Jackie is one of the most inspirational people I have had the pleasure to work with and her clarity of thought and ability to make the complex understandable is exceptional”.

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