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Posted by Anonymous (not verified) on March 17, 2014

On a glorious spring morning in Cambridge on Wednesday 5th March Enterprising Women and Centre for Entrepreneurial Learning hosted Maximising Your Mojo at Cambridge Judge Business School. The room was filled with women (and a few honorary men) to learn from 3 distinguished speakers.

Bev Hurley welcomed the audience and spoke about her business experiences and how she has had to remain creative to remain competitive and sustainable.  

This was followed by Dr. Shima Barakat who shared fascinating research on stereotypes in entrepreneurship. How many of you recognise yourself in the list below?

The characteristics of Women Entrepreneur

  • Most are married, with children (dual responsibility)
  • Tendency to be “one person” only businesses
  • Motivations: be their own master, control their destiny, flexibility, increase their economic situation
  • Risk adverse, Ethical, Focused

Shima concluded that

  • Women are potentially a multi-billion pound opportunity
  • Need to challenge the stereotype of the entrepreneur
  • Need to be beware of language used

  • Learning is a skill that can (and should) be continually developed
  • Entrepreneurial learning is socially and contextually situated
  • Education, training and support needs to be tailored to the specific needs of women.

Eileen Lennon rounded up the morning by speaking about barriers to creative thinking, what stops us and what continues to hold us back

Some take away points from Eileen are:

1. Goals: Set goals - know where you are going. If you are a person that always sets goals don’t set any, try something different - be wild with your thoughts, let go!

2. Creative Location: Go somewhere else - don't stay in the same place, with the same surroundings - take yourself "somewhere else". Staying in the same location all the time can influence your thinking and you will habitually "think the same thoughts".

3. Other People: Surround yourself with lots of people to 'feed' off the buzz! OR Isolate yourself so that you are 'free' from the buzz and chatter, give yourself the room to focus on your thought!

4. Stimulation: Remove yourself from ALL sources of stimulation (or distraction) - OR challenge yourself with NEW stimuli.

5. "Stickability": Set yourself a time limit: Force yourself to 'stick with it' ... Take a break and reward yourself for sticking with it.

6. Constraints... create them/remove them/add unrealistic ones/remove less important ones

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