Destination Digital Women 2014/2015

Free Digital and Business Training for Women

Thanks to an exciting partnership with Connecting Cambridgeshire, Enterprising Women were delighted to have delivered FREE training and networking events as part of the Destination Digital Women programme to encourage women to start or grow your business, return to employment or work from home.

The Destination Digital Women programme was funded by the Government Equalities Office’s Women and Broadband Challenge Fund and was designed to encourage women to take advantage of faster broadband to expand or set-up new businesses, including home-based businesses.

We provided the following training at a range of locations around the Cambridgeshire and Peterborough area - 

  • Digital Marketing: Using social media for your business, building an effective online brand and e-business skills
  • Set up your own home office: Advice on how to set up a home office & tips on working on your own successfully
  • Returning to work: Tools to raise IT confidence after a career break and how to cope with the emotional change.

Below were just some of the many comments provided by women who had attended the workshops:

"Useful content and helpful guidance. Good case studies, which provide thought provoking, light bulb moments."

"Really engaging and brilliant content and delivery. Good way to network with different business."

"I'm just starting out. An eye opener on working out - what my brand is, who my audience is and how do I get to them."

"Great to meet other participants and get to know them a little. Personalities start to come through, which is great from a networking point of view."

You can view case studies of some of the women who had attended the workshops.




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