Claire worked in the world of 'big business' for 18 years – latterly for Mars Confectionery, where she worked in a Sales/Marketing role as an Account Director. It was a great company, she worked with amazing people and adored her role. But Claire also had a very long commute to work, spent a couple of nights away from home a week in hotels and drove thousands of miles a year for work. So when her two children came along, she knew that she had to do something closer to home - and that was the inspiration behind Breckland Orchard.

Claire adores life as an entrepreneur! She's able to take all the fantastic learnings and experience she had in large business and apply it to her own fledling business...and its going pretty well so far. Claire loves the freedom that she can have to spend those key moments with her family – eg her son's first day at school. Claire absolutely thrives on the sheer variety of running her own business.

Breckland Orchard was winner of the EDP Best New Business Award 2010 and East of England Best New Business 2011. Claire has also been recogised as Future 50 Entrepreneur EEDA/EDP for the past two years.

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