Starting up your business can be one of the most stressful yet rewarding times of your life. You are likely to be juggling your homelife, maybe children or an existing job, as well as thinking and trying to find reliable information about all the different challenges involved. Well, the answer is at hand!

Outset Online logoOutset, an award-winning leading provider of start-up support in the UK, have helped people create over 4000 new businesses in the last three years. They’ve now put all their fantastic, easy to understand content in a brand new, easy to use e-learning programme. With over 50 hours of interactive and practical content, videos, quizzes and more, Outset gives you everything you need to start a successful business. At the end of the course, you'll even have your business plan and a set of basic financials to start you off.  You can access the learning at any time of day to suit your busy life. 

UK charity The Outset Foundation is currently offering 12-months free access to Outset Online, for a limited time only. Interested? Find out more about accessing Outset Online.


SWOT Analysis tells you what works in your company and what needs improving.
Partnership? Limited Liability company? Sole trader? Find out which is right for you.
Good networkers have contacts everywhere. Could that be of benefit to your business?
Business plans can be tough to write, but they're essential for establishing long-term strategy.
Business can have a lot of jargon. Use our glossary of common terms and phrases.
Setting the right objectives is a key part of running your business.


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