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You are your business.  It's not all cash flow forecasts and fifty page strategy documents, a huge part of the success of a business will come down to you as a person.  So often, this is the part that gets overlooked.  In the mad scramble to stay on top of workload and meet client deadlines, we forget that the business' most important resource - is you.

These resources offer some guidance on how making sure you put some time into managing yourself.  Everything from staying on top of the day to day stress, to making the best of working from home and learning to get the perfect work-life balance.


Try to be perfect? Spread yourself too thin? Check out our 10 commandments!
Are you naturally a relaxed person? Or do you thrive on high-energy tasks?
Not always as idyllic as we might hope. Get the pros and cons here.
Four out of five employees should be able to balance work & home lives. Find out how.
This guide offers practical pointers on how to maximise the daunting 'elevator pitch'.


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