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If building a blog and sending tweets is all techno jargon to you, don’t worry.

At Enterprising Women, we’ve taken all the techie terms and put them into plain English to outline how this new fangled technology can help you and your business to start-up and expand.

As technology becomes more prominent every day, online platforms are crucial to your business.

The benefits of using technology are:

  • The computer helps you spot errors, such as spelling mistakes.
  • Once set up, it can cut costs i.e. sending emails instead of posting a letter.
  • Your business can be open 24 hours a day, even when you only work 9 - 5!

Here are some useful tips if technology is new to you.


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For good e-commerce, consumers must feel confident buying from your website.
A difficult task for many, but these 7 top tips will help you make the right choice.
Here are our ten handy tips for appearing professional when sending an email


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