People are your secret weapon. They do the job day-in day-out so they know your customers very well.

There are three big steps in business as far as people are concerned:

  • Moving from a one-woman business (you) to taking on your first member of staff.
  • Building and growing your small management team and getting to a really sustainable company set for growth.
  • Taking the "business family" into a more corporate life, with around 30-50 staff.

We'll try and help you every step of the way, as far as you want to go.


Arriving as a new manager or forming a new team from scratch? This checklist will help.
Planning, organisation, and maintenance of an able and motivated group of people.
Esstianial in outlining duties & responsibilities - but they should be written carefully.
Women returners will make up eighty per cent of entrants to the labour force over next decade.
Undertake a systematic review of the organisation's employment needs.
Job interviews are the most widely used recruitment tool. There are three popular models.


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