Latest news on our Growth Programme / Growth Essentials Workshops

Our Growth Programme focuses exclusively on the challenges faced by women-owned businesses – as well as the barriers to growth that confront all SMEs.  It equips ambitious female entrepreneurs with the confidence, expertise and skills to realise the full potential of their business.  We deliver our growth support through a range of formats and at locations across the UK.   You can also access ongoing mentoring through our partnership with UK Finance.

Download our brochure and read some of the fantastic feedback from nearly 2000 previous participants.

When are the next sessions running?

We will be running chapters of the Growth Programme at a number of locations across the UK this Autumn and in early 2019 – see latest details below:

These interactive 'Growth Essentials' workshops will cover the critical growth challenges and the essential knowledge needed to create your business road map for growth and help you realise your full potential.  Together with plenty of personal insights along the way on all the highs and lows of building businesses! 

Feedback from attendees is always fantastic: 

"Not only did I get to meet an amazing array of fellow female entrepreneurs but I also went away with some concrete plans and ideas of how to drive myself and my business forward.  Some were quick fixes and others I am still working on.  If you are ever contemplating going along to any of these sessions - don't contemplate - just go!" Illana Smith, Hari Hari.

"I thought the workshop was great, Bev really knows her stuff and as a result, she was able to provide really helpful and relevant advice. There was a lot that I didn’t know (and didn’t know I needed to know) going into the workshop, but I came out knowing what I needed to look into, change and focus. I was able to meet other women who are in a similar situation as me, which was great because it’s a start to building relationships where was can support each other wherever needed."  Lauren Cooper, Client Director, South Office, Konsileo (Trading) Ltd

All the learning has been specifically tailored around the key personal and business challenges at different stages of the business journey, so you’ll be working with a supportive group of business owners just like you.  Just bring yourself, your challenges, and your ideas to share, and be prepared to experience the best investment in you and your business that you will ever make!



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