Learn to set up systems and processes that will help you when dealing with budgets
A guide for managers (or owners of small businesses) considering better cost control.
How to approach stock control and using it to maximise your cash flow.
A guide to help you through the early stages of your business, before you make a profit.
Does VAT baffle you? Here are some of the essential points about VAT.

Finance iconFinance

When you are starting out, you must understand how much money (and time) it will take to:

  • Get the first sale
  • How many sales you need to break even and gain a profit
  • How many sales you need to start the growth process.

At the start-up stage, one of the biggest challenges is finding customers, while gaining finance. When your business has developed, issues such as cash flow, growth funding, and factoring need to be addressed.

Use these resources to help you find out more. They are designed for both start-up and developed businesses.


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