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30 June 2014 brought in a major update to the legislation on flexible working.

Up until then, the right to request flexible working has only been the privilege of working parents to request an adjustment of their working arrangements to look after their children. There were set guidelines for how to request and how the request should be... Read the full article

Susan Heaton-Wright

Like many entrepreneurs, I’ve had my ups and downs over the years. It is easy to focus on the ‘downs’ at the end of the year, but I learnt to review my year in a different way, so that I can maintain my MOJO for this following year. There are many ways we can set goals for the future: this is a process I use. Here are the  steps I take:

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Networking shouldn’t be scary. It’s something we do without thinking, quite naturally in our human relationships with friends and relatives. For example, someone might ask you ‘Where’s the best place to get a haircut in your town’ and the chances are you will be able to suggest somewhere you’ve been and feel comfortable referring that... Read the full article

Jenny Feterovich
By Anonymous (not verified)

Office Genie recently caught up with Jenny Feterovich, producer of START UP, a US television program that focuses on the world of the modern American entrepreneur.

Jenny has taken some time out of her busy schedule to provide us with her business... Read the full article


Of course it is all very well having a website but then you need people to find you and the way most people search for information on the internet is via a search engine, the most popular being Google. So here are a few tips that, whilst they won’t get you to be No 1, they will help you to be found.

What Does a Search Engine Do?

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Web design

Your first step is to think why you want a website. A website is an important marketing tool, and like any other marketing tool it needs to have clear objectives. These objectives can be quite simple and here are some things you might want your visitor to do, and they include the following.


I don’t want my hard-earned taxes to pay for the banks to lend to un-investable businesses, or high-risk propositions: we’ve got Start Up Loans for that, and even using them to support the supposed “gazelles” via the Growth Accelerator is a real policy gamble. After all, if finding and supporting ‘high growth’ winners was such a straightforward... Read the full article

Digital Skills

At first glance, UK PLC is on the up.

Gross domestic product grew by 0.8 per cent in the last quarter (Source: ONS), taking the economy 0.2 percent above its pre-recession peak. And expectations are that the next quarter will see similar growth. 

There is, however, a downside: the recovery has exposed glaring skills gaps in a... Read the full article

Diane Shawe

Real and tangible data proving the argument and the added value of E-Learning initiatives to stakeholders constantly endorse the use of online technologies to:

  • Keep the workforce appraised of their job functions’ developing requirements, enabling them to make a positive impact within their Organization and help that Organisation... Read the full article

Using Style Sheets

You can automatically style an article or blog post to break up the text and make it more readable, just like in Microsoft Word or InDesign, I recommend the following.


It is always good to split up your text with headings, and there is a choice of sizes that you can use.

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