Writing a blog post can really help to grow your business by offering advice, as it shows your expertise in any given subject, and you can add a link to more information on your website. It doesn’t have to be a long blog and images always help.

Simply log into the website and head to the section marked “My Account”, and click on the... Read the full article

The long sleepy summer2
By Anonymous (not verified)

The long sleepy summer

Some of us love these long lazy summer days, but for the workaholics amongst us, slowing down isn’t an option. However, sometimes there is no choice but to move down a gear when no one is at the end of the phone or email when you contact them anyway. Here are some tips you can use to fill the summer months and... Read the full article

By Anonymous (not verified)

The importance of face to face meetings

I spent the start of this week in Brussels meeting my colleagues in the European WEHubs consortium and Iwas reminded how important to it is to by-pass technology and get down to good old-fashioned communications!

Yes of course its cheaper than Euro-Starring across and paying hotels bills but... Read the full article

The National Dahlia Collection Exhibit

I have had the most amazing few weeks, which started with judging at the Malvern Spring Show. I have then been helping on an exhibit at the Chelsea Flower Show for The National Dahlia Collection (based in Cornwall) and spend the Monday at Chelsea judging in the great pavilion.

Our exhibit, the forth one I have been involved in, received... Read the full article

Career Change

We all know that moving to another job or changing career can be very daunting.  I’ve worked with many clients who talk about wanting to leave their current jobs due to unacceptable stress levels, insufficient family time, and a lack of fulfillment.  Some clients find that they are spending most of their lives sitting on... Read the full article



The best networkers are those who approach networking with a ‘how can I help the people I talk to’ attitude.

  • Be considerate – don’t barge into a conversation because you have identified you want to speak to one of the parties.  Hang around tentatively nearby and endeavour to make... Read the full article
Sleeping at your desk

30 June 2014 brought in a major update to the legislation on flexible working.

Up until then, the right to request flexible working has only been the privilege of working parents to request an adjustment of their working arrangements to look after their children. There were set guidelines for how to request and how the request should be... Read the full article

Susan Heaton-Wright

Like many entrepreneurs, I’ve had my ups and downs over the years. It is easy to focus on the ‘downs’ at the end of the year, but I learnt to review my year in a different way, so that I can maintain my MOJO for this following year. There are many ways we can set goals for the future: this is a process I use. Here are the  steps I take:

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Networking shouldn’t be scary. It’s something we do without thinking, quite naturally in our human relationships with friends and relatives. For example, someone might ask you ‘Where’s the best place to get a haircut in your town’ and the chances are you will be able to suggest somewhere you’ve been and feel comfortable referring that... Read the full article

Jenny Feterovich
By Anonymous (not verified)

Office Genie recently caught up with Jenny Feterovich, producer of START UP, a US television program that focuses on the world of the modern American entrepreneur.

Jenny has taken some time out of her busy schedule to provide us with her business... Read the full article



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