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Embracing a utopian vision

It’s highly appropriate that the Skipton branch of Enterprising Women chose Utopia at Broughton Hall as the venue for their monthly meetings, as they aim to forge new partnerships to change the face of business in Craven.

Skipton host, Emma Pentelow is a director of prestigious wealth management firm The Pentelow Practice. She saw that Skipton lacked a daytime networking slot for women to experience a regular productive group session which fosters natural, organic partnering and referral. Ideally located just metres from her own Skipton office of the family firm, Emma suggested Utopia as an ideal venue for starting a local group.

Meeting on the first Thursday of every month at 10am the attendees chat informally over brunch before sitting down for a round-table session which focusses on a particular member, theme or speaker each month.

With a core membership of women from a cross-section of businesses in the locality, the group welcomes visitors and new members to come along to embrace the practical, motivational benefits of the connections made. The comfortably small, elite group are able to build close relationships based on genuine understanding of one another’s business needs and strengths.

Guest speakers present quarterly, on hot topics or offering inspirational insights into their own entrepreneurial endeavours, while each month a focus spotlight allows for one regular member to showcase their business for 30 minutes.

Structured time is facilitated for each member to outline a specific problem they are facing in their business in order to tap into the combined resources of the group for suggestions.  Brainstorming ideas and developing strategies together in this way is proven to stimulate businesses to grow within a self-generating environment of like-minded women; a utopian ideal for business growth.

Why not come along to experience a meeting, booking a place in advance below or by calling 01756 701438.



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