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Do you have a business in Fareham? Are you looking for ways to build strong local networks and support to build your business?

Businesswomen of Fareham are warmly invited by Eileen Quick, your host and a staunch advocate of networking and bringing like-minded individuals together to share challenges and successes.

I was attracted to Enterprising Women because they were different to any of the other networking groups and also because of the wide range of support, training and networking options available to members. When I saw that they were looking for Hosts and had the opportunity to start a group in my area I jumped at the chance!

During my career, spanning over 30 years - I have been Office Manager, IT Manager, Project Manager and Director of Operations, mainly in the Financial and Legal environment, so I have a very good background of how businesses and business processes work.

When my husband and I returned from Spain in 2010, I formed BlueStar Website Design.  In response to  my customers requirements, at the beginning of 2014 I set up a Hosting company specifically to host and support Online shops and those businesses with Websites who want that much more from their Hosting Company. Not only do we build, host and support online shops and websites we can also link them to shop EPOS systems in order that real time stock control can take place and information on stock only has to be input once.  We believe in great customer service and responding to the ever changing business environment  by fully understanding the business and its requirements.

Fareham Business Club is about you. We will draw on the expertise of existing clubs around the country, but look forward to evolving the Fareham Club to meet the needs of its members, whether you have decades or months of experience and whatever sector your business is in. Women make an important contribution to business in the region and to the region’s economic future and having a community in which this can be celebrated and nurtured will further strengthen this contribution.

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Enterprising Women
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