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The Cambridge Business Club aims to be an informal, friendly and supportive way to expand your business, your business knowledge and your support network. Host Liz Lyon believes talking to women who have done/are doing what you’re trying to do is very informative, invigorating and reassuring!

We meet monthly mid morning to build relationships, learn from others and share our experiences together.

Liz Lyon is a coach with the tagline “Rescuing women from unrewarding working lives”, co-founder (with Luanne Hill) of Rise Business Development Circle and fervent networker.

She is on a mission to break as many women as possible out of limiting work that may have fitted their circumstances at one point in their lives but is now holding them back personally and financially.

Networking is a major part of her business life. She is convinced that good networking is the best way for small businesses to move forward, especially for women – they’re very good at it!


Enterprising Women
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